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IRIS Health Services has been awarded the “Most Innovative Insurance Claims Software 2018″

IRIS Health Services has been awarded the “Most Innovative Insurance Claims Software 2018” by International Finance Awards. International Finance Awards recognizes industry talent, leadership skills, industry net worth and capability on an international platform.

EzyClaim, the online claims knowledge management suite gives our services total transparency, allowing our Clients to monitor and review the performance of the schemes. We are the piece in the healthcare insurance industry puzzle that brings together medical service providers, policy holders, and insurance companies and self-funded organizations to function under a mutually beneficial umbrella.

Mr.Anil Nair, Chief Executive Officer of IRIS Health Services said “It’s a proud moment as we are not just recognized in UAE but all around the world for safeguarding the interests of our customers. This is a leap that showcases the importance we give to our providers, insurers and our customers. We deliver what our brand promises You Matter.”

The insurance industry has evolved over time, and growing competition has prompted innovation in products, leading to better risk management of trade, material, human resources and revenue. International Finance found it important to identify the best service providers in the insurance sector across the world and highlight their achievements. It seeks to reward those who are striving to safeguard the interests of customers world over.

Improving customer experience by reducing administrative expense, decreasing average claims handling time is one of the key roles of IRIS Health Services. Get in touch to know more click