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Claims Adjudication

We operate in a demanding marketplace where resources are at premium, time is short and risks are constantly changing.

IRIS Health Services provides a complete claims management solution to apply a streamlined, strategic process designed to reduce overall claim costs for clients. Our focus is on claims management and not merely claims processing. With the use of innovative technology, we not only reduce the administrative expense but also decrease average claims handling time, reduce re-work, improve claims quality and compliance.

Our Highlights:
  • Flexibility: Customizable services on a time tested software platform that allow us to administer policies and claim.
  • Functionality: All the functionality needed in a single, easy-to-use real time online platform.
  • Technology: IRIS Health Services uses smart-client technology to offer competitive edge.
  • Reliability of Information: Accurate and reliable data with complete security and confidentiality guaranteed.
24/7 Call Support

Our dedicated customer service team is available to provide round the clock support to our clients.

Our toll free number is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing multilingual service to answer any queries related to policy, claims, benefits and coverage. Our professional call center personnel provide a quick and friendly response and ensure that our customer service focuses on delivering quality service through use of innovative technology, call avoidance strategies, rigorous focus on first call resolution, and efficient call handling.

Pre-Authorization Approval Services

Certain medical treatment services require pre-authorization to determine whether these services are medically necessary or not.

Our goal is to provide a streamlined process for fast and quick pre-approvals. To ensure the accuracy of pre-authorization approvals, our experienced medical department reviews and determine the appropriateness of the treatment in addition to our claims management software which ensures reduction in data errors and duplication, fast turnaround time, increased customer satisfaction and tracking of pre-authorization; allowing more focus on quality, service and less on paperwork.

Customized Reporting

We provide customized reporting service which includes reports ranging from tabular, graphical, data visualization including charts, maps, and sparklines etc.

Easy and secure access to in-depth reports with analysis of various indicators such as health care costs by individual demographic characteristics (e.g. employment status, sex, age, nationality), conditions, medical service providers, admission type, trends analysis etc, allowing insight that would drive care and process improvement initiative. We focus on transparency and clarity by ensuring rapid data integration, quality assurance, benchmarking, analysis, and customizable drill down capabilities.

Data Digitization & Archiving Services

In today's dynamic business environment, it is essential to have a streamlined data digitization and archiving service.

IRIS Health Services ensure accurate and effective data digitization and archiving so that insurers can harness the power to digital technologies to re-conceptualize their business model through new combinations of information, business resources, innovative products, and processes. We use advance and sophisticated tools to assure data security and confidentiality. Our expert data management operators use state-of-the-art document scanning methodology and optical character recognition technology and can handle large volumes of data and deliver high quality results with fast turn around times.

Specialized Network for Dubai Basic Plan

Iris Health Services has developed a specialized network to cater to the Dubai Essential Benefits Package/ Dubai Basic Plan.

The Dubai Health Authority has specified a minimum level of benefits that must be provided in any health insurance plan offered in the Emirate of Dubai and this is called the Essential Benefits Plan. The details of the package are as follows:
Benefits Package