• UAE’s IRIS Health Services wins International Finance Award for Insurance Software

    UAE-based IRIS Health Services has won an International Finance Award for its original health insurance technology platform EzyClaim.

  • IRIS Health Services Awarded CAQH CORE Endorser Seal

    IRIS Health Services achieved CORE Endorser status because it supports CAQH CORE’s mission, collaborative industry approach and administrative simplification objectives.

  • Have you taken your Sight for Granted?

    What has been your favourite sight? Sunrise, Sky, Mountains, Oceans, Grass, Sunset, Moon & Stars. If you have cherished what you have seen, then it is because of your eyes. Today is world sight day. Please read on. Don’t stop. You will learn how to keep your eyes and your children’s eyes safe.   Adults

  • Your Cheat Sheet for Diabetes

    Diabetes doesn’t have to make changes to your life, you need to make changes to your habits to control/prevent diabetes.