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2015 – Emirates ID can be used As Medical Card

Residents in the United Arab Emirates can now use their Emirates identity card as a medical insurance card. In the recent times, Sharjah Medical District was the first to make the proposal to integrate the medical insurance to the identity cards.
This step not only makes it easier for the residents of the country but also eliminates the fraud factor which is generally the case when it comes to getting involved in the insurance process. This process of merging the identity card along with insurance card protects the members as well as providers from fraud and false claims.
The entire data of patients are linked to their Emirates ID which carries all the information through a chipping device without tampering. Taking this step makes the long process of transferring data a lot more time to save, effortless and accurate across all the seven emirates.
By taking this step, the DHA has made their services hassle free and highly convenient. The providers are expected to just scan the emirates id and access their policy details, which makes the job of the providers as well as the members much easier.
Electronic Chip;
All of the personal data of an individual will be stored on the electronic chip which provides with the identity of the card holder. According to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, up to 32,000 letters of information can be stored at once. Some of this data are encrypted and can only be updated by the government itself.