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Global Health Insurance Conference 2018, Prague-Czech Republic. Represented by CEO Mr. Anil Nair and COO Dr. Ann Jacob

GHIC Seminar – Prague
Global Health Insurance and Healthcare Schemes is a business platform for the global shapers of the health insurance industry which is held annually. It gives an edge to everyone involved in the market across the world to know the key elements from the top leagues of the insurance world. Senior level professionals from major companies are invited as keynote speakers and let them engage and interact with the participating organizations. It is a three-day event which takes place in various cities across the globe. A safe environment created to build relationships, expand business across borders and most importantly provide with exposure on various levels.

The GHIC2018 was held in Prague in the march, Mr. Anil Nair, CEO IRIS Health Services was invited as one of the crucial key-note speakers and had the honour to take our organization on such a global platform.

The primary aim for this event is to discuss the advancement made in the field of health insurance. Encouraging interactive discussions on health insurance. Various panel discussions by the senior level of professionals in this field.
Upon reaching the event, this is what he had to say.

“it’s been a wonderful experience to meet people from different parts of Europe and also from the middle east. You get insights into the new technologies that are in place in the health insurance market. Insights into how people are operating and how the changing technology is affecting the health insurance market. It’s been a great show, I expect a wider participation next year. A wider promotion into larger countries like India and China. This allows the demographics and this where the whole action is shifting to.”
Mr. Anil Nair, CEO IRIS Health Services

Digitalisation in health insurance and healthcare was the basis of Mr. Anil Nair’s speech. It is the infusion of artificial intelligence and basic healthcare which can be looked forward to. The positive impact of Digitalisation on payor economy, the role of artificial intelligence, power analytics and impact of digitalization on health care providers are some of the major areas which were talked during Mr. Anil Nair’s speech. A firm believer of innovation, Mr. Anil Nair aims to see a great level of advancement reached in this field.