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CEO Mr Anil Nair’s interview in Khaleej Times emphasising on the importance of technology serving as a catalyst in our success

Redefining Medical Claims Management
CEO of IRIS Health Services, Anil Nair, emphasises on the importance of technology serving as a catalyst in their success.

1) Can you give us an overview of IRIS Health Services?
IRIS Health Services is a Third-Party Administration company providing services to health insurance companies and self-insured companies. Our role is to manage claims services for these companies and ensure insured members have a hassle-free experience when they need medical treatment.
IRIS is a pioneer in the health insurance industry on account of its cutting-edge software platform that has developed and evolved over the past 18 years. With its innovative inbuilt features using artificial intelligence and latest technology, IRIS ensures client satisfaction for both the insurers and the insured members.
We have built strong partnerships with medical service providers across the globe allowing the insured members to have access to cashless treatments in most parts of the world.
We believe our unique management style and solutions will make IRIS the top TPA contender in the market.

2) Can you tell us about your professional journey in the region, and what reforms you introduced since being appointed CEO?
In addition to being the CEO, I am also a key stakeholder of the company. I have expertise in the UAE Insurance sector for over 15 years. Apart from the insurance industry, I have worked with reinsurance, IT and education industries. The reinsurance giant Lloyd’s of London is one of the reputed names in the business that I have worked along with closely for many years. As a high-spirited individual with key entrepreneurial skills, I have been able to lead many start-up ventures, further guiding them into stabilized businesses. In my current role as the CEO of IRIS, I have introduced inventive business solutions and strategies which have received remarkable recognition. My client focused tactics and attitude have led IRIS to a considerable rise in profit margins in addition to continued and consistent client satisfaction.

3) What are your other interests?
Apart from the Insurance industry, I am passionate about the education, service and IT industry and have over two decades of hands on experience. Passionate about introducing new innovations, I am constantly on the lookout on for new technologies and concepts that will positively impact every aspect of the customer service cycle.

4) What role does technology play in your operations? Could you enumerate the types of innovations you have embraced over the years?
Technology is the back bone of all our operations and we have implemented technology in every aspect of service delivery. From policy administration services and claims management to providing an online claims submission portal for medical service providers and an exciting mobile app to the insured members, we have reviewed technology from every user’s perspective.
The mobile app allows users to locate the nearest service providers, have access to their treatment history and even track their blood sugar, blood pressure and lipid profile. A unique feature of the app is a medication alert service which is especially useful for those who take chronic medication.
We have deployed artificial intelligence in claims management and our system is able to identify trends and deliver alerts to physicians at the appropriate time.
Licensed by the Federal Insurance Authority, Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority in Abu Dhabi, IRIS is the first to use the Emirates Identity Card as a default medical insurance membership card. Medical service providers can check member eligibility and medical insurance policy benefit information by simply logging into our website and inserting the patient’s Emirates ID into the Emirates ID card reader.
At the 2018 MENA Insurance Industry Award, we were awarded the “Most Innovative Service Provider Award” in recognition of our contribution to the insurance industry.

5) Why is it imperative to maintain a focus on consumer satisfaction?
Health insurance is a truly personal line of business. When an individual falls ill, all he or she wants is to have access to medical treatment without any hurdles. When someone is sick, they don’t want to deal with delayed approvals or issues at the medical service provider.
We, at IRIS, understand how important it is to make a patient feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible and hence provide support through our 24×7 multilingual call centre and mobile app.
I-Yoga is another initiative of ours which encourages wellness through group yoga sessions. We encourage our users to move from illness management to wellness management. Your health and well-being and the only true assets that you possess, and we want our insured members to know that we are their partner on their wellness journey.

6) Lastly, how has your company grown over the years and what is your future growth strategy?
IRIS services span all across the UAE, GCC and Southeast Asia and we have plans to explore the market in Africa.
With a tag line of “You Matter”, we endeavour to show insurance companies, medical service provider and insured members that we are focused on each one of their experiences with IRIS. This is why IRIS is the fastest growing TPA in the UAE servicing over 300,000 lives in the region.