About IRIS

IRIS HEALTH SERVICES LLC, is a registered company providing professional medical benefit and claims administration services. With a paid-up capital of AED 5 Million and a turnover of USD 22 Million, IRIS has had tremendous growth and recognition since it commenced its operations in late 2014 and currently services over 300,000 insured members in UAE only.

Apart from its head office in Dubai, IRIS Health also has a registered office in Abu Dhabi and Oman.

IRIS HEALTH with the strength of its team, experience and expertise provides an unparalleled end to end claims management solution. Our team of over 70 multinational professionals ensure that it’s not just about claims processing but rather about managing medical claims.

Ezyclaim, the online claims knowledge management suite gives our services total transparency, allowing our Clients monitor and review performance of the schemes. We are the piece in the healthcare insurance industry puzzle that brings together medical service providers, policy holders, and insurance companies and self-funded organizations to function under a mutually beneficial umbrella.

Why choose us

Claims Adjudication

Improving customer experience by reducing administrative expense, decreasing average claims handling time,

Insuretech Solutions

We simplify our services by adopting the latest & innovative technology.

Portfolio Analysis & Management

Providing many features including trend analysis, monitoring for fraud, waste and abuse.

Wellness Solutions

Committed to steer our members towards a more healthy and fulfilling life.

Business Process Outsourcing

Bringing Insured Members, Service Providers, Insurers & Reinsurers under one umbrella.

Medical Tourism

A care facilitator for both insured and payers seeking care in different parts of the globe.

Our mission

In a market where health insurance penetration and medical needs are both consistently increasing, we provide specialized health insurance administration and management services which protect the interests of the risk carriers while facilitating access to quality healthcare with no compromise on the quality of care.

Customer service is the key to our operations. Our customers and clients include insurance companies, reinsurance companies, self-insured clients, medical service providers and insureds alike. We ensure that all members of the health insurance ecosystem are handled with utmost care and understanding.

We also make the difference when it comes to providing know how to the insurance companies or self-funding schemes in terms of defining the methodology of designing, protecting and underwriting, distributing and managing healthcare schemes utilizing our team’s versatile experience in health insurance TPA industry.


Our Success Factors

  • Experience and skill in managing providers relations
  • Offering reliable services to healthcare providers
  • Negotiations under way with major recognized hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories.
  • Providing quality and reliable services to customers, especially in the fields of 24/7call centre, fast turnaround time and consistency in administration
  • Know How and hub logistics.
  • Specialization in all matters of Health Insurance Management including policy administration services, claims handling and processing, portfolio analysis, trend analysis, claims auditing, fraud and abuse detection and handling
  • The Management Team represents an aggregation of almost 60 years of experience in Health Insurance, TPA services, financial service and management. Moreover, at IRIS Health, we encourage a culture of diversity. Therefore, IRIS Health is composed of individuals from different nationalities enabling accommodation with any kind of environment, especially in the GCC/MENA region, with all the mixture of cultures.
  • IRIS Health’s information system delivers a cost-effective electronic solution to healthcare schemes, streamlining processes and ensuring competitiveness and profitability. Relying on Internet communication technology, all players are trained and connected to communicate, exchange information and perform transactions on-line with ultimate efficiency and transparency.