Bored of Drinking Just Water?

Bored of Drinking Just Water?

Here are some alternatives to help spice up your water, and if you’re accustomed to drinking flavored or sugary drinks, these are definitely healthier options!

#1 – Orange, Strawberry, Mint Infused Water

#2 – Natural Vitamin Water

Plain water, coconut water, juice of lemon/lime, fresh rosemary sprig, a slice of fresh ginger, and pomegranate seeds is all it takes to make this natural vitamin water.

#3 – Blueberry Lavender Water

The combinations are endless. All it takes is a bit of imagination! The magic is that it is 100% customizable to your personal preference, budget, availability of ingredients, flavors and all!

Time to get creative! Proper hydration is important no matter what and with other benefits like to help control portions.


Written by Tasha Kolonas December 21, 2016