Business Process Outsourcing

As a Third-Party Administrator, we are the piece in the puzzle that connects Insured Members, Insurers & Reinsurers and Medical Service Providers.

Patient Voice

A team available 24/7 providing customer service by obtaining patient feedback and monitoring quality of service rendered. Apart from the quality of care, we also focus on the patient experience during the course of the care cycle.

Cost Containment Unit

This team focuses on maximizing savings for Insurers, reinsurers and self-insured corporates without any compromise on the quality of care rendered to beneficiaries.

Provider Engagement Unit

A team independent of the network department that focuses on the Provider’s experience in its relationship with IRIS.

Partner Relations Team

This team goes the extra mile when it comes to medical service providers. They train medical staff about all health insurance plans, increase public health awareness and provide on-site support when medical service providers need it.