Have you taken your Sight for Granted?

What has been your favourite sight? Sunrise, Sky, Mountains, Oceans, Grass, Sunset, Moon & Stars. If you have cherished what you have seen, then it is because of your eyes. Today is world sight day. Please read on. Don’t stop. You will learn how to keep your eyes and your children’s eyes safe.


Adults were thought to be most at risk since they might be exposed to outdoors; but alas! Young children are the single highest risk group for ocular injuries. Kids are injured largely because they get into chemicals such as household cleaners that are improperly stored. Keep household cleaners and other chemicals, particularly ones in spray bottles, out of reach of young children.  In fact, 1-year-olds are 13 times more likely than 7-year-olds to burn their eyes. Adults aged 18 to 64 get chemical burns to eyes as well, but the rate is half that of infants.


Living in the Digital Era.

It is found that 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning. You gaze at your digital devices as you read your dailies or watch a movie. Also, while you handle your social channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat you continuously swipe Up, Down, Left and Right. Seventy-nine percentage of adult smartphone users have their phones with them for 22 hours a day. Ever wondered if your eyes are shouting out for rest? After or during a long day of working at a computer, have you experienced any of the following problems?

  • Sore, tired or burning eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Watery, itchy or dry eyes
  • Headaches

If you have, it’s likely the result of eye strain, which happens when your eyes get tired from intense use. October 11, 2018 on World Sight Day, IRIS Health services helps you understand an easy way to prevent eye strain because You Matter. It is called the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Don’t take your eyes for granted.