IRIS Health Services LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified Third-Party Administration Service Company was established in 2014 providing unrivalled medical benefit and claims administration services in the United Arab Emirates. Serving over 300,000 members and over 15,000 corporate clients, the slogan “You Matter” sums up our respect for each individual associated with us and every life we touch. With the strength of its team, experience and expertise, IRIS Health provides an exceptional end to end claims management solution. It employs a 3-tier structure to combat against fraud, waste and abuse by using predictive analytics, behavioural economics, and collective intelligence into a holistic enterprise system, coordinating data from across the enterprise while remaining agile enough to respond to new vulnerabilities. Our leading-edge software platform fundamentally changes the dynamics of managing medical portfolios. As a result of its innovative solutions, and its efficient team behind, IRIS Health Services had received The Most Innovative Service Provider Award in MENA Insurance Industry Awards in 2018.

Health Care Provider Relations
  • Experience and skill in managing providers relations
  • Offering reliable services to healthcare providers
  • Negotiations under way with major recognized hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories.
  • The Management Team represents an aggregation of almost 60 years of experience in Health Insurance, TPA services, financial service and management. Moreover, at Iris Health Services LLC, we encourage a culture of diversity. Therefore, Iris Health LLC is composed of individuals from different nationalities enabling accommodation with any kind of environment, especially in the GCC/MENA region, with all the mixture of cultures.
Customer Service
  • Providing quality and reliable services to customers, especially in the fields of 24/7call centre, fast turnaround time and consistency in administration
  • Iris Health Services LLC’s information system delivers a cost-effective electronic solution to healthcare schemes, streamlining processes and ensuring competitiveness and profitability. Relying on Internet communication technology, all players are trained and connected to communicate, exchange information and perform transactions on-line with ultimate efficiency and transparency.