Keto Diet for Beginners

Keto Diet for Beginners

A low-carb diet which transforms the body by constantly burning the fat.

A ketogenic diet influences the body to make small fuel molecules which are known as ketos. When the blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply, these ketos are the fuel to the body. A ketogenic diet is known as the low-carb diet which helps break down blood sugar and transforms the body by constantly burning the fat.

It is a drastic change for the body to be fully running on the fat which is broken down. The insulin level becomes extremely low and the fat is broken down faster. The process by which the ketones are produced is known as ketosis. Fasting is known as the fastest way to get to this stage. It is believed by a lot of people that one day of fasting in a week helps not only get the body in the ketosis stage but also help in detoxing the fluids in the body. This stage is not recommended to everyone but the people who have a tolerance to not eating anything the entire day but to only consume pure fluids.

What you should eat on a keto diet:

Since it is a low-carb diet, one needs to control the consumption of carbs per day, ideally about 50 grams per day.

The most recommended foods are;

  • Meat – Controlled portions of unprocessed meats are generally the most beneficial in a keto diet.
  • Seafood – Fatty fish like salmon is probably the best meal which can be consumed guilt-free during a keto diet.
  • Eggs – Eggs in any form are a good way to fill your stomach and not harm the process of the diet. Organic eggs being the healthiest option.
  • Vegetables growing above ground – The key element in having vegetables during keto diet is that they should grow above the ground. The reason for the specificity of the growth of the vegetables is that the ones that grow above the ground contain fewer carbs.
  • High-fat dairy – In most of the other diets, high-fat dairy products like butter and cheese are forbidden. But in a keto diet, it is recommended that these products are consumed to maintain the energy level.
  • Nuts and Berries – For a low carb diet, nuts like macadamia or pecan nuts are allowed as snacks.