• Have you taken your Sight for Granted?

    What has been your favourite sight? Sunrise, Sky, Mountains, Oceans, Grass, Sunset, Moon & Stars. If you have cherished what you have seen, then it is because of your eyes. Today is world sight day. Please read on. Don’t stop. You will learn how to keep your eyes and your children’s eyes safe.   Adults

  • Free Influenza Vaccination in Abu Dhabi

    Influenza: It is commonly known as flu, a communicable and highly infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. Its basic symptoms include; high fever, runny nose, fatigue, sore throat. Influenza is one of the diseases which is highly contagious and being in UAE which is a hub for numerous nationalities, it is relatively easier for

  • Your Cheat Sheet for Diabetes

    Diabetes doesn’t have to make changes to your life, you need to make changes to your habits to control/prevent diabetes.

  • The Booklet to Whole30 Diet

    30 rules to make your diet whole!

  • Keto Diet for Beginners

    A low-carb diet which transforms the body by constantly burning the fat.

  • Functions of IRIS

    Iris Health Services, a service provider for claims adjudication operating in medical adjudication.

  • AirYoga: All your questions answered!

    AirStretch Studio is a hidden gem in Galali, just outside Amwaj. Owned and managed Viola, a certified AirYoga instructor as well as an ex-professional in both acrobatics and ballet.

  • Dubai 30X30 – Fitness Challenge

    30 minutes of daily activity for 30 days.

  • Bored of Drinking Just Water?

    Alternatives to help spice up your water

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