Medical Tourism

IRIS Health is a care facilitator for both insureds and independent patients seeking care in different parts of the globe. Our goal is to provide concierge care for our Clients. Through our Care Facilitation Protocol, we ensure that every part of the patient journey is a comfortable one.

Care Partner Selection

We carefully monitor every Care Partner that we recommend to our clients. Clinical excellence at providers is monitored by outcome data on parameters such as mortality ratio, infection rate, complication rate etc. All providers are accredited by organizations such as JCI and ACHSI.

Care Facilitation

Depending on the location selected, we organize airport meet and greet services, translator services and priority hospital admission as well. There is a dedicated Destination Care Service Agent who assists the member from the beginning till the end of the trip.

Developing A Plan of Care

We assist the patient decide on a plan of care that would suit them based on feedback from our Care Partners. Once the member decides on their plan of care, we organize a comprehensive itinerary for the stay, including appointment dates of the surgery.

Coordination of After Care

Upon returning after the episode of care abroad, we assist the member in scheduling follow up visits and aftercare with appropriate physicians locally. IRIS is committed to ensure a sense of comfort and well-being at every phase of our Clients’ care journey.