Portfolio Analysis & Management

Our cutting-edge software platform fundamentally changes the dynamics of managing medical portfolios. As a result, our Clients benefit from many features that provide unparalleled efficiency that includes trend analysis and monitoring for fraud, waste and abuse(FWA).

We assist:

  • Insurers exploring ways to more efficiently service their medical products;
  • Reinsurers seeking markets for new product lines
  • Organizations seeking to control insurance costs through self-funding
  • Companies striving to enhance their current self-funding plan through more effective administration and further cost containment measures.
  • Organisations seeking to review and audit claims on an independent basis
Medical Service Provider Panel

With a panel of over 2,500 medical service providers in the UAE and hundreds of providers internationally, clients have access to hassle-free direct billing services across the globe.

Special Tariffs

We negotiate special tariffs for services that are not covered by the member’s insurance policy.

FWA Protection

Through our fraud, waste and abuse protection protocols we ensure that both Medical Service Providers are aware of services covered for different policies. We equally protect the insured members from having to undergo unnecessary treatments.

Client Engagement

Through regular client engagement, we support clients to make necessary changes to contain costs without compromising on treatment.