Wellness Solutions

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” (Arabic Proverb)

IRIS encourages its members to move from illness management to wellness management. From creating awareness on health-related issues like diet, physical activity and nutrition to engaging with them to make the right choices, IRIS is committed to steer members towards a more health and fulfilling life.

IRIS Health strongly believes that staying healthy is an important aspect in everyone’s life. Some of our initiatives include:


IRIS developed its iYOGA offering in response to preventable, posture-related workplace injuries and high-stress levels in the community. We have tapped an expert network of yoga practitioners and take them into our client offices, community spaces and other gathering places where they can equip and help the greatest number of people.

Health Check-ups

Organized within organizations that allow insured members to have a check-up at their work location.


Zest is an evidence-based, comprehensive wellness program that sparks and supports behavioral and lifestyle change. It offers simple, engaging digital tools and community challenges to enable users to become their own health coach.

To learn more about Zest, visit www.zest.fit.

Health Awareness Campaigns

Quit smoking campaigns, breast cancer awareness etc. are organized to create awareness among our members and clients to bring the focus back to wellness and how our choices affect our health.